Qatar Charity equips school with computer lab in

Qatar Charity equips school with computer lab in Kosovo

2/11/2019 |

Qatar Charity, with the generous support of the people in Qatar, equipped a school in the municipality of Mitrovica with a computer lab to enhance the educational standard of the school’s students.

The project came to contribute to creating an attractive learning atmosphere for the students to help them continue their education.

During his visit to Qatar Charity’s office in Kosovo, Khalid Abdullah Al-Yafie, director of the Project Management at Qatar Charity, handed over 18 computers to Agim Bahtiri, mayor of Mitrovica and local officials.

The mayor of Mitrovica, Agim Bhattiri, expressed his sincere gratitude and thanks for the gift given by Qatar Charity with the generous support from the people in Qatar. "It is very essential for the students of this school to put the theories they learn into practice,” he said, appreciating the valuable support and great humanitarian work carried out by Qatar Charity in Mitrovica.

He loped for an increase in the number of projects provided by Qatar Charity in Kosovo, especially in the municipality of Mitrovica

For his part, Khaled Al Yafie, director of the Projects Management at Qatar Charity, applauded the Municipality of Mitrovista for its constant coordination with Qatar Charity’s office in Kosovo, adding that because of this coordination, the projects, which are under implementation in Mitrovista, witnessed an increase in terms of quantity and quality.

He also considered the opening of the computer lab as a gift from the people in Qatar for the people in Kosovo.

The mayor honored Khalid Al-Yafie with the Municipality's Shield and a Certificate of Thanks in recognition of the efforts of Qatar Charity in Kosovo.

Students and their parents expressed their great happiness in this project, which will contribute to the enhancement of the educational standard of the students, thanking the people in Qatar for the implementation of this project.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity implements many projects in Kosovo to support the needy, especially orphans, persons with special needs, and low-income families.

The number of those sponsored by the charity has increased to more than 3,000 persons. Over 4,500 students graduated from the Qatar Training Center. The number of income-generating projects reached more than 430 projects, while the number of projects implemented in the field of water and sanitation is more than 550 projects. Some 40 development projects have been carried out in addition to building homes for the poor.

Last year, Qatar Charity managed to implement 373 projects in the areas of sustainable development, education, water, sanitation, relief and home construction at a total cost of QR6m in Kosovo. 

The projects included 74 income-generating projects and 279 water and sanitation projects, in addition to 20 other projects including the construction of houses for the poor and educational projects.

Also, a total of 23 agreements have been signed with the various governmental and local authorities in Kosovo during 2018 and the number of municipalities cooperating with Qatar Charity increased by 30 percent.


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