Qatar Charity implements hundreds of projects in

Qatar Charity implements hundreds of projects in Burkina Faso

3/6/2019 |

Qatar Charity implements hundreds of projects in Burkina Faso

Qatar Charity implemented hundreds of relief and development projects over the past two months in Burkina Faso.

Some 29113 people benefited from Qatar Charity’s projects carried out in the areas of health, education, culture, social housing and welfare.

With the generous support from benefactors in Qatar, Qatar Charity (QC) managed to carry out hundreds of projects in Burkina Faso over the past two months, benefiting 29113 people.

The implemented projects worth more than QR3.6mn included health, education, cultural, social housing projects and social welfare projects.

In the area of social welfare and sponsorships, Qatar Charity has provided social services to orphans belonging to low-income families and widows. Some 4672 families benefited from Qatar Charity’s welfare services.

Qatar Charity also drilled 12 surface and artesian wells, of which some were equipped with water reservoirs. It also built a medical center and a housing unit that was handed over to the poor and the needy.

In the area of economic empowerment, Qatar Charity implemented 644 income-generating projects for underprivileged and unemployed people in poverty-stricken areas.

These projects were implemented to bring sustainable employment opportunities for the intended population, providing them with a constant income source for a dignified life. Such projects aim at improving the economic conditions of beneficiaries.

Qatar Charity has implemented a relief programme, which included the distribution of dry food to 10,500 affected families in northeastern Burkina Faso.

The programme came as part of its emergency relief intervention for the victims of internal conflicts in northern Burkina Faso, which resulted in the death and displacement of a large number of people,

In continuation of its emergency relief efforts in the north, Qatar Charity sent a medical mission that examined patients, diagnosed diseases, and distributed the necessary medicines free of charge to them.

The relief programme received great praise and significant cooperation from the people and the competent authorities. The Government, civil society and other bodies, institutions and individual applauded Qatar Charity for this programme.

Mr. Saad Zagheri, chief of staff for the Head of State of Burkina Faso, said, "Qatar Charity's projects help in the fight against poverty and unemployment, and this emergency relief provides livelihoods and basic health care to the affected and assists in securing a good living." This statement was released by a relief and emergency foundation in the country.

Mohammad Al Nouayti, director of Qatar Charity’s office in Burkina Faso, said, "Qatar Charity has consistently carried out its development and humanitarian projects in Burkina Faso to improve the living standard of poor families, provide a stable income for those benefiting from income-generating projects and encourage them to produce."

He also emphasized that Qatar Charity would spare no efforts in order to achieve development in Burkina Faso, and assist its people through its development and humanitarian projects.

He added that Qatar Charity has allocated huge sums to implement a number of projects within its area of concern. Qatar Charity has received the confidence of the Burkina Faso Government as an active development organization in the country.

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