Qatar Charity inaugurates multi-service center

Qatar Charity inaugurates multi-service center for orphans in Indonesia

7/2/2019 |

Qatar Charity inaugurates multi-service center for orphans in Indonesia

The center includes a residential complex, a vocational center, a health center, a mosque and a well.

Qatar Charity (QC) built a multi-service center for orphans in Indonesia at an estimated cost of QR2mn to benefit thousands of orphans, their families and residents of neighboring areas.

The center named “Al-Nahlah for Orphans” consists of a residential complex, a health center, a vocational center, a mosque and green spaces. It aims to provide integrated care for orphans, offer basic health services, raise health awareness, and provide awareness and health guidance, in addition to sheltering and supporting poor families.

It includes a vocational center with six classrooms for teaching different crafts and professions, such as car mechanics, sewing and computer operating. The cost of the project is about QR1mn. The center includes a water well with an ablution area, green spaces and a courtyard, as well as a mosque that can accommodate 400 worshipers, benefiting orphans and the people of the neighborhood.

Currently, 150 orphans are benefiting from the center and the new school year will start with the addition of 250 students, totaling 400 male and female orphaned students.

It also has a 20-room residential complex, which provides adequate shelter for 120 orphans and their families in an area where people need assonance and proper housing.

It also includes a health center benefiting more than 2000 people from the region. The health center contributes to alleviating the suffering of the residents of the region, especially mothers, children and the elderly. The center also supports large hospitals in providing services, as well as helping needy people from the community.

Bebin Rahmatin, Director of Al-Nahlah for Orphans said, "This center was a dream for my husband and me. With providing care for five orphans, we started our work. Then, the number rose to 50 orphaned girls and boys, necessitating the expansion of the place to accommodate the increased number of orphans, who had to sleep on the floor.”

"I went to Qatar Charity’ office in Indonesia for assistance in building a classroom and a room, but I was surprised by Qatar Charity's intervention to build an integrated center with several facilities for the care of orphans", . Bebin Rahmatin added, thanking the donors and Qatar Charity for their contribution to support orphans.

She further said that a delegation of women from Qatar Charity visited the region where they came to know about the situation of the orphans and distributed gifts to orphaned boys and girls and the people of the neighborhood. The delegation also provided many income-generating projects to this area to improve the living conditions there.

For his part, Sheikh Mukhtar, a member of the Board of Directors of the Center, thanked the people in Qatar for implementing this project, pointing out that the location of the mosque was chosen to be closer to the road that connects the provinces to serve as many people as possible.

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