Rofaqa: The World’s largest Family for Orphans

Rofaqa: The World’s largest Family for Orphans

9/15/2020 | Media Center


Book Review

Rofaqa: The World’s largest Family for Orphans

By Ali Abualnassr AlRachied - Abdullah AlAshwal


Number of pages: 144 pages

Publisher: Qatar Charity

Year of Publication: 2020


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Nearly 10,000 children become orphans every day in the world, due to wars, conflicts, droughts, epidemics, famines, etc. The latest figures released by the United Nations organizations indicate that there are approximately 140 million orphans worldwide, while other estimates raise the number to 165 million.

The orphans in many Arab and Islamic countries represent a significant percentage of this figure, due to the crises that happened or are happening in countries like Iraq and Syria.

Reasons for Authorship

Perhaps this calls for a greater focus on carrying out the human duty towards this vulnerable section of society that needs protection and social care. This also calls for documenting the experiences of charities in the field of orphan care and sponsorship, which represents an important volume of their activities, and for finding a better model to improve sponsorship and care of orphans.

Two Main Parts

The book entitled “The World’s largest Family for Orphans” is divided into two main parts. The first section, which is theoretical, is about orphans in general (concepts of humanistic visions), and includes main headlines, such as definitions of an orphan, the size of the phenomenon, the reasons, the need of orphans for social care and psychological support, the patterns of orphan sponsorship and care in the present era.

The first part also includes an invitation to develop an orphan sponsorship model for charitable organizations, and great orphans throughout history.


Another section covers the experience of Qatar Charity in the orphan sponsorship and care, and includes main headlines such as beginnings, turning points, major developments, monthly and periodic assistance, services activities, and qualitative projects.

The second section also includes the "Rofaqa" initiative, the reasons for its launch, its most important achievements, easy steps, quick sponsorship services through modern technologies, the experience of realizing orphans' wishes, and success stories.

The book concluded with a reference to the compassionate human gesture from His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, for the orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity.



What distinguishes the book is that it covers orphan-related topics from various angles, giving useful information, important statistics, models, and examples. It also documented the experience of Qatar Charity, one of the largest sponsors of orphans in the region, and the story of the “Rofaqa” initiative, and more importantly, it sparked a discussion on the development of the orphan sponsorship model for charitable organizations, after it gave remarks on the currently prevailing sponsorship models.


We hope that the book will be an addition for all those who are concerned with this phenomenon, including the sponsored, sponsors, philanthropists, decision-makers at charitable organizations, researchers and those interested in this regard.



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