Qatar Charity holds Arabic learning course for

Qatar Charity holds Arabic learning course for staff of Naseem Health Care

4/28/2022 | Media Center

The Friend Cultural Center (FCC), a Qatar Charity center for community development for expatriates, continues to organize an Arabic speaking course for non-native Arabic speaking staff of Naseem Health Care.

The course, which is being held in cooperation with Naseem Health Care, seeks to train the participants, who are doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, to communicate and interact with Arabic-speaking patients in a better manner.  

The course provides the participants with the fundamental medical terminologies and vocabularies that will help them understand the health issues and problems of the patients visiting Naseem Health Care.

Qatar Charity, through such courses, aims to help the participants learn the Arabic language, know the culture, customs and traditions of the Qatari community, and communicate with native Arabic speakers.

Both instructors of the course, Dr. Abdul Vasih and Mr. Sharaf Adewale Najeem, who are experts in teaching the Arabic language to the non-native Arabic speakers, indicated that the course is very helpful for the participants to easily carry out their career tasks in the medical field and understand the patients to quickly provide them with appropriate medical services.

The medical staff expressed their delight with the course, terming it as a ‘valuable opportunity’ brought by Qatar Charity to help them better understand their patients to provide them with quicker services.

Mrs. Thelma Maria Simon, who is working as a learning and development corporate manager at Naseem Health Care, expressed her joy in learning a new language that help her communicate with her colleagues and patients from the Arab nationalities. She thanked Qatar Charity for providing them with a wonderful opportunity to learn the Arabic language, looking forward to the continuation of such courses in the future.

Mrs. Sujamole T, head nurse of the Naseem Healthcare, C Ring Road, said that the course is a golden opportunity for the employees to learn how to communicate with patients in Arabic, thanking Qatar Charity for its social works, including providing the opportunity to Naseem Health Care’s staff to learn Arabic.

Mr. Dilshad, an administration staff, expressed his delight with learning Arabic through this course that will help him understand Arabic-speaking patients and visitors, thanking Qatar Charity for holding the course.