With the support of the people of Qatar Qatar

With the support of the people of Qatar Qatar Charity distributed Adhahi to one million people around the world

7/19/2022 | Media Center

Qatar Charity reaches 35 countries through the campaign "Make them happy with your Udhiya, especially in areas of crisis and disaster, including camp residents and those affected by the Somalia famine.

To achieve the meanings of solidarity and compassion, and with the generous support of the benefactors of the honorable people of Qatar, Qatar Charity was able to implement the sacrifice distribution project for the year 1443 H, under the slogan “Make them happy with your Udhiya,” where the number of beneficiaries reached about one million people, in 35 countries around the world.

The seasonal project, which Qatar Charity used to establish annually during the days of Eid, was implemented with the aim of expanding to the poor and needy, in camps for displaced people and refugees in crisis areas, and those affected by the drought disaster, especially in Somalia, and the poorest communities around the world, and bringing happiness to their hearts and the hearts of their families on this happy occasion. About 49,000 sheep and cows Udhiya were distributed, at an estimated cost of about 26.7 million riyals.

The campaign "Make them happy with your Udhiya", thanks to God and then thanks to the donors, managed to exceed the number that it targeted when it was launched outside Qatar, with an increase of 2,700 Udhiya distributed in Somalia, bringing the total distributed around the world to 49,000.

Beneficiary countries

The list of countries that benefited from Qatar Charity campaign included 35 countries around the world: “Palestine, Somalia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan, Kenya, Mali, Togo, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kosovo. The Philippines, Albania, Bosnia, Ghana, Turkey, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Chad, Yemen, Montenegro, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Burundi, and The Gambia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Thanks, and gratitude

At the end of its campaign, "Make them happy with your Udhiya ", Qatar Charity extended its thanks and appreciation to everyone who donated to the campaign and made it clear that the success of the campaign was achieved thanks to God and then with the support of the hard-working people in Qatar whose hands have been generously extended in support of projects and campaigns, relief for the distressed and in solidarity with the afflicted.

Qatar Charity called on the honorable donors to continue their support for its ongoing relief and development projects and campaigns throughout the year, given the magnitude of the need that requires standing by the millions of poor and needy because of crises and disasters, in compliance with the humanitarian duty towards those in.

Appreciation from the official authorities

The project was praised by many different civil and governmental authorities and personalities in several countries in which the project was implemented in appreciation of the professional performance of Qatar Charity and its efforts in delivering Adhahi to the target groups on time. They thanked the State of Qatar for its humanitarian role and its support for the poor and fragile communities and for alleviating their suffering.

In Somalia, Mr. Sadat Muhammad Nur Aliyu, a representative in the Somali parliament, praised the efforts made by Qatar Charity in Somalia, especially these days when Somalia is facing a severe drought crisis, and the sacrifice project for this year has a great impact on the hearts of the groups most affected by drought.

In Turkey, Mr. Hilmi Turkman, Mayor of Uskudar - Istanbul, said:" We express our appreciation to our brothers in Qatar for their continuous support, and we thank Qatar Charity for its cooperation and contribution in providing aid to those who deserve it for about a million and a half refugees and Turkish citizens.

He added that our main goal is to help our brothers the refugees, the needy, and the poor citizens of Turkey and to support them, especially on occasions and seasons. We distribute the meat and deliver it to the needy Turkish citizens and our refugee brothers residing in Istanbul to their homes through the joint field teams".

In Sudan, Mr. Najm al-Din Musa, the Federal Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in Sudan, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the philanthropists in Qatar and praised Qatar Charity's great efforts to implement the Udhiya project. He said: We thank their great humanitarian work and their support for vulnerable groups and segments, adding that Qatar Charity is one of the major partners and has been working with us in high-level cooperation and coordination in many projects of a humanitarian and developmental nature, referring to its efforts in supporting the health, education and housing sectors, empowering poor families and creating Typical villages in Sudan.

In Pakistan, Mr. Chaudhry Azhar, Director of the Department of Social Welfare and Baitul Mal in Muzaffar Ghar region of Pakistan, expressed his thanks to the people of Qatar for providing meat to disadvantaged families that bring joy and happiness to them and their families. He said: We are always happy to partner with Qatar Charity in its humanitarian projects.


Beneficiaries' impressions

The project has left a good impact on the hearts of its beneficiaries, as they expressed, they’re thanks to the donors in the State of Qatar for their support and assistance, and to Qatar Charity in its continuous efforts.

In Yemen, Abd al-Wali Dirham, “with special needs,” said: Today we felt the feeling of Eid with the arrival of sacrificial meat to us. We thank the people of Qatar for always standing by us and for their generous support that makes us happy and relieves us of our suffering due to our extended crisis in Yemen.

Turkey and northern Syria

Syrian refugees in Turkey and internally displaced persons expressed their happiness at the arrival of sacrifices to their homes and camps. Haj Ahmed, 46, displaced from Tal Rifaat 8 years ago and residing in Bab al-Salama camp in northern Syria said: Displacement and the high cost of living, Qatar Charity was present at the time through its project, which made the homes of the poor and orphans happy and drew joy in the faces of families.

In turn, Mrs. Um Bayan, who supports six refugee orphans in Turkey, "the city of Kilis", said: We express our thanks and gratitude to the donors and Qatar Charity for their assistance to us, especially the families of the orphans.


In Somalia, she said: Ms. Hawa Salad Adam, is “60 years old, mother of 6 children.” Since our displacement from the city of Wenloen and our joining the Marshani camp, my children have not eaten meat, and today because of this meat provided by Qatar Charity, they will celebrate eating it with rice.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Omar, 75, said as a result of the drought crisis that we are experiencing, my family and I have not tasted meat since the beginning of the crisis.


In Sudan, Mrs. Amani Ali Al-Tayeb, mother of seven orphans, said: Qatar Charity used to bring joy and happiness to our orphaned children during the seasons of goodness and feasts, so they and the good people have all thanks for the sacrifices that they distributed to us


Mrs. Nusrat Mai, a widow and mother of six children, expressed her thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project and said, "I received fresh meat from Qatar Charity, and this is the first time that we have eaten meat since the beginning of the year, me and my children."

While Mr. Noman Aref said: Seven members of my family suffer from various disabilities and I could not insure them the meat of the sacrifice due to my limited income, and here Qatar Charity has made us happy by providing meat to us and delivering it to our home, so they have our thanks and appreciation.


In a related manner, several beneficiaries of the sacrifice project in Bangladesh expressed their gratitude to the donors and Qatar Charity, where Ms. Fatima Begum said: We are pleased to receive sacrificial meat on the day of Eid because we are not able to provide the necessary amount for the acquisition of meat.

For her part, the widow Sabina Akhtar said: “Qatar Charity makes us happy in all seasons. They gave us food baskets during Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. They provided meat for my family and put smiles on the faces of our children.”