With the support of Qatar Fund for Development

With the support of Qatar Fund for Development Qatar Charity's teams continue to provide thousands of hot meals to the Sudanese stranded at the Arqin crossing

5/25/2023 | Media Center

Qatar Charity continues to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the fighting and stranded at the Arqin crossing on the Sudanese-Egyptian border, as field teams continued to provide thousands of hot meals with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development.

Qatar Charity implemented a series of humanitarian interventions for the benefit of those stranded at the Arqin crossing, where (6,000) hot meals were distributed, at the rate of (1,000) meals per day, while arrangements are being made to continue providing foodstuffs for another week due to the exacerbation of the crisis and the need of many stranded at the Arqin crossing.

At a time when Qatar Charity's humanitarian aid flights continue within the Qatari air bridge, many official and popular bodies have expressed their great appreciation for Qatar Charity's humanitarian response and its coordination with the local authorities related to Wadi Halfa locality, to which the border crossing belongs, to ensure that food aid reaches those in need.

Ahmed Fadil Farouk, director of the Arqin Crossing, said that they thank Qatar Charity for the meals it provided to travelers, and added: (This is their custom always, and we ask God to make what they provided in the balance of their good deeds). They are ready to provide all the facilities required to ensure the smooth distribution of food meals to those stranded at the crossing.

For his part, Engineer Hossam El-Din Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim (one of the stranded) explained that he came to the Arqin crossing from Khartoum because of the fighting, and he thanked Qatar Charity for standing by the affected Sudanese people in this difficult circumstance.

In the same context, Amal Ahmed explained that she stayed at the Arqin crossing for three days, during which she supported the good people in Qatar, and said that the Qatar Charity teams reached them at a critical time and provided them with meals worthy of them.

It is worth noting that the field teams of Qatar Charity, with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development, began providing hot meals to those affected by the fighting and those stranded in the city of Port Sudan, and since the beginning of last week, they began distributing (20,000) meals at a rate of (3,000) meals per day for a week to those stranded awaiting evacuation in Port Sudan in complex human conditions.