Qatar Charity builds classrooms in Pakistani

Qatar Charity builds classrooms in Pakistani schools

5/28/2023 | Media Center

Qatar Charity continues to develop the education sector in Pakistan, and with the support of the philanthropists in Qatar, Qatar Charity has built two model classrooms in government schools in Pakistan, in Punjab and Sindh.

In the Jang area, Qatar Charity built a model classroom in the public school in the area, and it was fully equipped with furniture such as student chairs, a teacher’s table, and a board, in addition to information technology equipment. Fully equipped toilets, hand-washing units, and drinking water were also provided for students.

In the Sinjar region of Sindh, Qatar Charity built a model classroom in the government secondary school for girls, which was equipped with the latest modern equipment and technological equipment, in addition to installing a bathroom and basins for washing hands and providing a water tank to meet the requirements of water, sanitation and hygiene.

Local welcome

This step was welcomed locally, as Mrs. Nisreen Abdullah, Deputy Education Officer in Jang, praised Qatar Charity's efforts in the field of education and said: "We appreciate Qatar Charity's efforts in the field of education in remote areas in Jang. I am from this region, and I am certain that private schools in the city do not offer such These facilities and conditions are suitable for students

It's a great job. Thank you to the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity."

On her part, Mrs. Shaheen Gujjar, the principal of the Government Girls' Secondary School, said:

We thank Qatar Charity, which supported our school and provided facilities according to international standards that were not available to us. Students are now studying in a comfortable and encouraging environment.”

Students’ happiness

The beneficiary students expressed their joy at the change they experienced in their school

Miss Noureen Fatima, a ninth-grade student, said: “There are large numbers of girls who want to study, but due to the lack of infrastructure facilities in the school such as the absence of a school fence and toilets, parents are reluctant to send their daughters to school. I am very grateful to Qatar Charity which has provided us with these facilities so that we may study in the best possible conditions.