Qatar Charity organizes free health camp in

Qatar Charity organizes free health camp in Pakistan

10/4/2023 | Media Center

Qatar Charity, with the support of benefactors in Qatar, organized a two-day free medical camp in the Sanghar district of Pakistan, benefiting 500 people, including children and women.

This initiative focused on raising awareness about acute malnutrition in children under the age of five and pregnant and lactating women. It provided medical services to those suffering from conditions associated with malnutrition.

Qatar Charity set up various sections to ensure that beneficiaries could easily access a wide range of services. These sections included the Registration Desk, General OPD, General Screening, Medical Checkup, Ultrasound testing, Nutritionist services, a Breastfeeding Corner, Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Corner, and a Pharmacy. Qatar Charity also carried out a series of tests, including diabetes, blood pressure, HIV, hepatitis B & C, and pregnancy tests.

Qatar Charity implemented this project in Sanghar, where according to a survey, 42% of people of the total population are undernourished, 48% of children under the age of five are stunted, and 15.4% have a low weight for their height. The prevalence of underweight children less than five years of age increased in Sindh and  half of all mothers are anemic.

Dr. Taj Muhammad, District Manager of the People's Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI), said, “Qatar Charity is the first organization that has set up such a full-fledged medical initiative which has provided services like hospitals. The patients easily visited each section without any hustle and bustle. I would request Qatar Charity to organize such medical initiatives for the deserving population of Sanghar at least quarterly”. 

The beneficiaries also expressed their delight with the medical camp. “I have faced complications previously.  I visited the Qatar Charity’s Nutrition Medical Initiative and had a thorough checkup. I was diagnosed with anemia and vitamin deficiency. I got free medicines with a complete awareness session about pregnancy and child growth,” said Saira Bagum, a pregnant woman.

“My child is very weak and not growing up like other children. The doctor properly checked my child and gave me a diet chart for my child and for me. I attended an Infant Young Child Feeding session. I am very thankful to Qatar Charity for organizing this informative Nutrition Medical Initiative for us,” said Tameeza Bibi, a lactating woman.

It's worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has numerous health initiatives and projects in Pakistan. In early 2023, it expanded the health center in the Jhang District of Punjab by constructing and equipping an additional healthcare facility at the center. This facility benefits over 200,000 people annually.

Furthermore, in 2016, Qatar Charity established a Maternal, Infant, and Child Health Unit at the health center in Rangpur, Punjab, which serves approximately 150,000 individuals annually.