QC launches ‘Greetings to Workers’ Campaign

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QC launches ‘Greetings to Workers’ Campaign

6/13/2015 |

QC launches ‘Greetings to Workers’ Campaign

Qatar Charity has launched a campaign to honor local workers for their role in helping build Qatar, under the title ‘Greetings to Workers’.

The campaign aims to offer official recognition for the ongoing efforts of the workers in the construction of vital infrastructure in Qatar, by collecting personal care items and distributing them as gifts on the occasion of International Workers' Day on May 1.

The campaign targets 5,000 workers in Qatar, who will be presented with gifts including the following: a toothbrush, toothpaste, a towel, comb, hand soap, shampoo, deodorant, socks, a cap and hand steriliser), helping contribute to the provision of a clean and healthy environment.

Ways to donate to the campaign

QC urges individuals and companies to donate to the campaign from April 22-30, either by purchasing the campaign’s gift box from commercial complexes (Villagio, Hyatt Plaza and Landmark), filling the box with the appropriate items and returning the box to QC to distribute to the workers, or via their mobile phones by sending an SMS to 92133 to donate QAR 25, to 92632 to donate QAR 50, or to 92642 to donate QAR 100.

Sponsors and partners

This year’s campaign is carried out with the support of several organizations: Sidra Medical and Research Center, part of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development; Doha Bus Company, W Hotel Doha, Radisson Blu Hotel, Movenpick Hotel, Hyatt Plaza, Landmark Complex and Villagio Complex, whose support ranged from the kind donation of personal care items and providing transportation or marketing campaign space, to the organization and implementation of the campaign including public relations and advertising.


Ahmed Saleh Ali, QC Director of Local Development Programs and Projects explained that what distinguishes this version of the ‘Greetings to Workers’ campaign is the inclusion of workers from new areas - with this edition including patient workers in hospitals- in addition to the wider participation of volunteers, school students and people with special needs in this campaign in collaboration with the Qatar volunteer center and school administrations and others.

The gifts will be distributed to the benefitting workers on May 1-3.

Social cohesion

QC Executive Director for Local Development, Abdel Nasser Yafei, expressed his pleasure at the wide public participation allowing the organization to reach the largest number of workers, and expressed his thanks and gratitude for the huge support.

He added that the campaign aims to create a symbiotic and complementary relationship within the community, strengthening the social fabric and seeking to improve the conditions for workers, which is then reflected in their performance and helps to bond them with the community in which they live.

“The campaign comes within QC’s local development department’s strategy, covering three dimensions: the social, economic and cultural, bringing us up to date with the National Development Strategy 2011/2016, as part of the Qatar Vision 2030.

QC established the ‘Greetings to Workers’ campaign several years ago and it has benefited thousands of workers since its inception. For more information and inquiries about the campaign, please call: 33145000.