QC wins ‘Best Smart Applications’ award in Kuwait

QC wins ‘Best Smart Applications’ award in Kuwait

6/13/2015 | الجوائز الدولية

QC wins ‘Best Smart Applications’ award in Kuwait

Qatar Charity has received an award for ‘Best Smart Applications’ in the State of Qatar from the Pan Arab Excellence Awards Academy.

The event was held in the Symphony Style Hotel in Kuwait and was attended by guests from a number of Arab countries, including QC’s Executive Director of Support Affairs, Mohammed Abdullah Al Yazidi Yafei, who was presented with the award by the Minister of State for the Cabinet Affairs, Chairman of the Board Central Agency for Information Technology, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah.

QC was awarded the prize, which is organised in the State of Kuwait annually, in light of its positive interaction with the real needs of the beneficiaries.

The contest honored a number of national and Arab institutions that have created apps which have gone on to become leaders in the field of public service and acknowledges the need to keep up with current technological developments.

In a speech at the ceremony, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Sabah said: “These smart apps contribute to the discovery of a lot of opportunities, as well improving community prospects, involving and interacting with all segments of society and resulting in a number of outputs, such as advancement and progress, success and competition and optimum utilization of human resources, investment and development, innovation and cooperation between the public and private sectors.”

The Minister explained that ‘Smart Government’ contributes to achieving the aspirations of citizens to receive government information and services through a variety of channels, stressing that it is only through an understanding of modern concepts and keeping pace with technological developments that Arab countries will achieve a prominent place among the nations of the world.

QC’s Yafei gave a speech in which he spoke of the importance of ‘Smart Government’, saying that it represents services being made available to a large number of people, noting that the application follows the best practices in the field of information technology.

Yafei extended his thanks and appreciation for the award, which he said will certainly increase the enthusiasm of those in charge at QC on the improvement of performance, and attributing its success to the team spirit that prevails within QC under the supervision of its Chief Executive.

QC has always sought to develop modern electronic systems that will contribute to the development of philanthropy in the State of Qatar and increasing donations for the benefit of QC projects, particularly those that allow donors multiple options in terms of the kind of projects, the countries that they wish to donate to and the amounts that they wish to donate. Currently it is possible to donate via automated coupon, SMS, on the QC website, or by applications on Smart phones and other smart devices.

These systems also link with the 64 organizations with which QC collaborates in more than 30 countries, and also enables donors to view the follow-up process and the method of action and correspondence between QC and its overseas offices and branches at home quickly and easily, enabling QC departments and officials to follow-up workflow and check the accounts and operations of collection.

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