QC Implements an Urgent Relief Campaign for the

QC Implements an Urgent Relief Campaign for the Affected by Chapala Cyclone in Yemen

11/16/2015 |

  • QC the first charity society to reach the people affected by the Chapala Cyclone in Socotra and other Yemeni cities. It was able to relieve 3,000 affected.

The first charity society that reaches the cities where the cyclone hit, QC was able to implement an urgent relief campaign from which 3,000 people benefited. QC’s field team is currently assessing the situation and evaluating the damages as to prepare for another relief campaign soon. The coming campaign is meant to offer aids and to rebuild what’s been destroyed.

Since last Saturday, the campaign’s been in effect. 500 families which were affected by the cyclone in Socotra, Hadramaut, Al Mahrah, and Shabwah received aids.

QC has distributed food baskets to all the families which were affected. Each basket had supplies sufficient for a month such as flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, baby milk, legumes, and others. In addition, the families received 4 blankets,4 mattresses, 4 pieces of clothes for children and kitchen tools.

As QC’s team is currently evaluating the damages the cyclone left, QC’s other teams are offering aids to the affected by Chapala Cyclone in the island. QC is working in cooperation with local organizations as a first step to launch an urgent relief campaign that includes distributing relief supplies and reconstruction plans.

Engineer Rashid bin Fatis Al Mari, QC’s Director of Relief, said that QC’s immediate response reflects its commitment to its humanitarian duty towards the Yemeni people. Unfortunately, they are suffering from the aftermath of war and natural disasters. “QC was the first charity society to respond and offer aids to the Chapala-cyclone affected. It has a well-prepared team that is trained to respond to disasters,” said he and expressed his hope that such aids would help alleviate the sufferings of the affected.

According to some reports, 15 people died; two of which were women and other two were children; and 2 went missing in the Megh Cyclone which hit Socotra. In addition, 500 houses were entirely destroyed while 3,000 houses were partially damaged because of the Chapala and Megh Cyclones which hit the island in less than two weeks. The statistics show that 10,000 people are currently displaced because of them. The cyclones were also responsible for uprooting hundreds of palm trees and the death of thousands of cattle, the loss of hundreds of fishing boats and the destruction of electricity columns and communication lines.

Furthermore, 840,000 people benefited from QC’s aids set aside for Yemen during 2015 because of the ongoing crisis there. The aids were distributed at a cost of 21,500,000 QR. They included foodstuffs, homes, shelters, blankets, cleaning tools, health projects, ambulances, medical supplies, and education projects.


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