QC Drills 70 Wells in Niger in 1 Year

QC Drills 70 Wells in Niger in 1 Year

3/6/2016 |

Water projects are a priority in Niger because 50% of its people do not have clean water
QC's offices own water-well drillers in Somalia, Niger, Burkina Faso and Sudan, which reinforces their work in the water and sanitation sectors.

In 2015, QC was able to drill 70 wells in Niger through which it provided drinking water to 35,750 families and the cattle they own at a cost of around 2,500,000 QR.

The water in Niger, where the climate is dry, is considered one of the severest problems its inhabitants suffer from. 50 % of its people do not get drinking water. Therefore, water projects are a priority for Niger and other humanitarian organizations, including QC. 

Great Needs

Mr. Mohammed Taher Al Sweibqi, QC's Office Director in Niger, said that the water projects QC implemented in Niger saved the lives of so many families. "QC's water projects provided drinking water for multiple regions where the total number of beneficiaries reached 35,750 families. The cattle the families own and the surrounding areas benefited as well," added he.

Mr. Al Sweibqi thanked the philanthropists and donors from Qatar who have been very generous with the donations they make. "Your donations help revive the cities where the wells are dug, where the rate of poverty reached 60%. The Nigerians' need for drinking water is still great, which is why more donations should be made," said he.

The drilled wells vary to include artesian aquifers and shallow wells; some wells are supplied with solar energy, others with electricity. These wells were drilled in several areas such as Zinder, Maradi, Tillabéri, and Dosso; the distances between these areas and Niamey differ and the farthest of some is 1,000 Km. Plus, 6 wells were drilled in Niamey, the Capital.  

Teachers' Institutes

Some wells are drilled to meet the needs of the schools, institutes, and the surrounding areas. Mr. Al Sweibqi participated in the official opening ceremony of a training institute for the teachers in Niamey. He was accompanied by Aïssata Issoufou Mahamadou, the First Lady, the Minister of Education and a number of officials after QC had drilled a well supplied with solar energy at the same institute.

During the opening, Niger's Minister of Education said, "The artesian aquifer project QC implemented in the institute for training teachers came as a real solution to the water problem the institute and the people surrounding it used to suffer from. I sincerely thank QC for its efforts. It helped so many people overcome such a severe problem."

Private Drillers

QC's implementation of water projects was reinforced in the beginning of 2015 when the office bought a German driller to dig artesian aquifers. The driller was of high quality and specifications. It cost 1,500,000 QR. A training course was organized for the workers and the people responsible for the driller in order to reinforce QC's efforts in Niger. The driller contributed to the increase in the number of drilled wells QC is planning to dig in the following years, and it will also contribute to the reduction of costs.

It is worth noting that in 2014, QC drilled more than 45 different types of wells; some had manual pumps, some depended on electricity and others on solar energy. The total cost of the implementation of these wells was around 2,100,000 QR. The number of beneficiaries exceeded 35,600 people. In addition, the total number of drilled wells until the end of 2014 reached 264 at a total cost of more than 9,000,000 QR from which around 318,170 people benefited.

QC's offices own water-well drillers in Somalia, Niger, Burkina Faso and Sudan which reinforces their work in the water and sanitation sectors. Many wells were drilled using these drillers to secure drinking water for the beneficiaries. 


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