QC Alleviates the Sufferings of Taiz by Operating

QC Alleviates the Sufferings of Taiz by Operating 8 Wells

3/10/2016 |

  • Al Ka'bi, "We thank the Qatari philanthropists for helping provide water for our Yemeni brothers and sisters whose water network is down and does not have fuel."

QC has finished operating 8 new wells in Taiz, Yemen. The city has been suffering from shortages in water because of the war and siege.

Around 118,950 people benefited from the wells. However, figures show that such number will increase after some of the displaced Yemenis will return, especially that they have water now.

The rehabilitated wells are spread in multiple areas in Taiz which are: Al Wihda Well, second main well in the city; Montazah At-Ta'won well in Al Masbah; Al Batoul Mosque well in Wadi Al Qadi; Al Mutaher Mosque well in Al Nusayriyah; Dar Al Quran Mosque well in Al Uwadi St.; As-Saqa Mosque well in Al Tahreer Al A'la; Al Ghofran Mosque well in 26 September St.; and Ar-Rawdah Hospital tanks in Ar-Rawdah.

Taiz is considered one of the biggest cities in Yemen considering its population. It is also the one suffering the most. Because of the siege, its people are suffering from a dire shortage in drinking water and the absence of an infrastructure. Such conditions led QC to implement a water project in cooperation with Sobol Charitable and Development Foundation.

Mr. Mohammed Al Ka'bi, QC's Director of Relief Management, said that QC has always proven itself committed to serving its brothers and sisters in Yemen. "Providing drinking water is one of the most important fields we have to cover. So many of the inhabitants suffer from dire shortage in food and medication as well," said he.

Mr. Al Ka'bi thanked the Qatari philanthropists and good-doers residing in Qatar for their great efforts. "Such donations reflect the true face of Qatar: the giving community that never needs a second thought to help others in need. The Qataris carry out their religious and moral duties towards the people in need around the world," he added.


"Yemen We Are With You"

When the crisis first started, QC inaugurated a campaign entitled 'Yemen We Are With You' to provide the Yemenis with food and medication. It distributed water to many affected regions and covered 10 governorates. More than 100,000 families benefited from its project which was implemented at more than 2,000,000 QR. QC also distributed water tanks in Aden who suffered from a shortage in water.

In 2015, more than 936,000 people benefited from the aids allocated to Yemen which cost 24,700,000 QR.


Crisis Conference

Last week, Doha concluded the events of the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Conference: Challenges and Prospects of Response. It was organized by QC in partnership with 13 humanitarian regional and international organizations. More than 90 regional and international humanitarian organizations and more than 150 experts and specialized attended the conference.


The total sum of donations collected in the conference reached 223,000,000 USD; 118,000,000 of which were from Qatari groups. The conference announced a group of initiatives covering 8 vital fields: coordination, protection, health, education, water and sanitation, food and nutrition, shelter, in-kind supplies and livelihoods.


Supporting Water Sector

The papers discussed the achievements in the sectors of water, sanitation and cleanliness throughout the crisis. One of the achievements is establishing the Joint Fund for Humanitarian financing; it's 41.76% financed (41,862,000 USD); however, there is a gap of 58.24% (i.e. 58,373,000 USD).

The participants pointed to the most significant challenges from which the sectors of water suffer from, which is the difficulty in finding alternate and clean resources; and the rehabilitation expenses and risks of further damage. Figures show that 7,400,000 people are in urgent need in the fields of water and sanitation at a budget of around 158,400,000 USD.   


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