Qatar Charity is a member of the “Core Group” in

Qatar Charity is a member of the “Core Group” in Yemen

3/19/2017 |

As a kind of showing appreciation for QC’s tremendous efforts concerning health care in Yemen, QC’s office there has obtained the membership of the “Core Group”, the health consultant group, which is one of the committees of The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

It’s worth mentioning that QC has been selected among 50 local and international health organizations competing to be a member of such significant international group.

The UN group is regarded the central nucleus which leads the structuring of health, according to the strategies and policies of the bloc, and the members of this group decide the priorities of the overall interventions into the health sector in Yemen.

National confidence

Director of QC Office in Yemen, Nasr Qaed Alzaeem, said, “QC has been able, in a short period of time, to get the confidence of major figures in the humanitarian work field, especially health care.” There were various objective criteria that made QC eligible to be chosen for Core Group membership, among other 10 organizations in Yemen, such as: the magnitude of activities, capacities and capabilities; and the considerable efforts exerted to help Yemeni people regarding the health sector. Pointing out that Qatar Charity is a key partner in six coordinating groups of the United Nations, he added, “This is a remarkable achievement for Qatar Charity Office in Yemen and it reinforces its essential role as an international efficient partner in implementing and supporting health activities and  interventions in Yemen."

Al Zaeem also mentioned that this achievement is an obvious proof of national confidence in QC as a competent partner fulfilling the humanitarian missions professionally, particularly in disastrous conditions. Also, it highlights the humanitarian leading role of QC Office in Yemen and its effective activities with the health bloc. In addition, it comes as promotion of QC’s relations with UN organizations and the national and international organizations as well, and this will actually have an important influence on the office’s performance regarding working on offering the Yemeni people humanitarian relief.  


Major interventions

Qatar Charity is a key partner in six coordinating groups which are food security, health, food, shelter, water and environmental sanitation, and education. Also, it plays a great role in helping the Yemeni people in many fields, especially Health Care.

Qatar Charity has intervened more than once and in more than one area to provide medical supplies to hospitals, to restore some of them, and sponsor Dar Al Shafaqa “Sympathy Home” which is responsible for cancer patients. The last activity Qatar Charity has done in the health sector in Yemen was launching an urgent health campaign providing 6 medical centers in Al Hudaydah Governorate to offer at least 120,000 thousand people medical, curative and preventive services. That has contributed to improving the health condition of the affected areas in Al Hudaydah, especially in the coastline directorates such as: Bajil, Bayt al-Faqīh, Al Garrahi, Hays, Al Khawkhah, and Al Marawi'ah, where QC has supplied essential medicines and medical appliances to hospitals, according to the reliable system approved by the Ministry of Public Health and Population. Besides, it has provided therapeutic aid to those difficult cases whose treatment is not available for the medical centers, in addition to providing medicines, medical supplies, and treatment for children and women are malnourished, and offering specialized medical services for emergency cases.

Expressing Qatari people’s commitment to continuously support their brothers in Yemen, QC is going to work on carrying out more Health and Relief Projects in the afflicted governorates over 2017 confirming that such projects will be ongoing benefitting the Yemenis and offering health services particularly in places where displaced people gather.


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