Defending Children’s Rights in Words

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Defending Children’s Rights in Words


Defending Children’s Rights in Words and Image   Trial of the Children’s Killer’; and events like ‘O World, Wake Up and Do Justice for Us’ in Bahrain. She also won a number of drawing and writing competitions throughout high school. Eight years ago, she became known as the main media spokesperson on behalf of the children of Palestine and the title still follows her. She was also appointed head of the Parliament of the Palestinian Children, which allowed her to defend the rights of Palestinian children through various media. She has participated in a number of local and international conferences, demanding rights for Palestinian children and contributed in the preparation of a series of documentaries that highlighted the suffering of the Palestinian child, including taking the leading role in the films: ‘The Princess of Palestine and the Three Ambassadors’ and ‘Princess in Picture’ by Human Appeal International-UAE. Iman also offered a series of educational, social, cultural and recreational programs on radio and television, most notably the educational program ‘Dardash ya Dardush’, which aimed at children under the age of fifteen with each episode being based around a different child’s story and including advice and wisdom as well as the program ‘Tosbihoon ala Watan’, which raised the issue of life on the Palestinian streets. In the field of documentaries, she has recorded a number of stories of children who were the victims of the occupation in her book ‘Young Ambassadors’, which was released in 2009 on the first anniversary of the Battle of Al-Furqan. Iman still remembers fondly her visit to the State of Qatar in 2013 at the kind invitation of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al- Missned, who invited Iman after she became aware of ‘Young Ambassadors’, which had been given to her as a gift during her Highness’s visit to the Gaza Strip. Iman’s dreams and aspirations know no limits. She told us, “My dream in life is to win the Nobel Peace Prize and to quench the thirst of every wounded orphan and all the poor and the destitute. I have experienced being an orphan and poverty and I know just how painful it is.” Being an orphan didn‘t stop Iman Abu Wakid from speaking out in favor of the children of Palestine from a very early age; defending their rights and documenting the crimes of the occupation against them as well as highlighting the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip affected by siege, war, poverty and unemployment. She never let her situation hold her back and went on to become a successful spokesperson, a consummate orator at events, an expert in radio and television presenting, acting in dramas and documentaries, writing for newspapers and editing books. Iman is a university student, who is currently in the third year of an English language degree at Al-Azhar University, Gaza Strip. She is also a writer and involved in the production and presenting of children and youth radio and television programs. Her talent in presenting and acting was discovered when she was just nine years old. At this time she became involved in festivals and events for orphaned children, when she was a Qatar Charity sponsored orphan herself. Over the following years she appeared in a number of plays, including