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390,786 QAR

Project of the Day

LNO : 1308/2020

مركز الشيخ معجب الدوسري الاسلامي

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609,214 QAR 390,786 QAR

36,010 QAR


LNO : 335/2020

بناء مسجد في بنغلادش

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47,880 QAR 36,010 QAR

Immediate Need
83,830 QAR

Immediate Need

Inside Qatar
LNO : 2020/1046

صاحب الطلب يعول اسرة مكونه من خمسة اشخاص براتب بسيط ويسكن بمنزل ايجار الزوجة لا تعمل لديه ثلاثة ابناء دون سن الدارسة تعاني ابنته التى تبلغ من العمر More ...
219,535 QAR 83,830 QAR


Poverty, suffering, illiteracy, lack of income, disease, among many other addresses of suffering that thousands of people go through silently in different places every day. They need sincere attention and outstretched hands that remove them from what they are in and provide them with a decent life. We, in "Qatar Charity", believing in our principles, derived from our Islamic law, and the human values that we share with humanity, believe that it is our duty to help the needy through the delivery of aid and various forms of support, by collecting donations and managing charitable projects that are overseen by our international offices, according to modern and scientific methods. Therefore, we strive to be present in every place where there is a need for help. From places affected by poverty and famine to societies in which illiteracy and ignorance spread in all its forms, to the end of the long journeys of displaced persons who fled from the arenas of wars and conflicts.

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