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Sadaqah comes in many forms as every good deeds is deemed as Sadaqah, it encompasses every aspect of our daily life, be it social, personal, or financial. There are more than 17 types of Sadaqah in Islam starting with a smile to a neighbor and removing harmful objects from passageway to Assisting a Person with Visual Impairment or simply help others regardless of the mean. Sadaqah Jariyah is another form of Sadaqah, it is an ongoing charity that continues to help those in need in the long run. It is a broader charitable concept that stands equivalent to modern sustainable development, as it advocates the right to access basic needs such as education, healthcare, food, clean water, child and orphan care.

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Unlike Zakat, Sadaqah is not limited to giving money

Ongoing charity can also be in the form of donations to build mosques, Quran centers and orphanages, and to fund relief campaigns in countries afflicted with conflict such Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Many Muslim scholars recommend to give Saqadah during the holy month of Ramadan as it is always chance to draw closer to Allah SWT and to cleanse our souls from greed and selfishness. Join Qatar Charity’s family this Ramadan and donate your Sadaqah to help those most vulnerable.

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