QU Humanitarian Partnership Office promotes

QU Humanitarian Partnership Office promotes Students’ Voluntary Initiatives

1/8/2018 | شركاؤنا

In order to effectuate the goals of Humanitarian Partnership Office, established at Student Activities headquarters of Qatar University to lay foundations of humanitarian solidarity values under the frameworks of Qatar Charity’s Local Winter Aids Program, along with its International Winter Campaign, the students of Social Work course at Qatar University have distributed winter bags and aids to workers as part of returning the favor to single labours.

Practical Outputs

Mr. Fareed Khaleel Al-Siddieqy, Director of Projects and Local Centers at Qatar Charity, said: now we reap the benefits of Humanitarian Partnership Office, established recently at Qatar University to enhance voluntary work, unlock the creative thinking potential of the university youth and take the initiative to design and implement realistic programs, which accommodate the potential and turn it into practical outputs in order to serve Qatari Community. We hope that QU students will benefit from the necessary facilities provided by the "Humanitarian Partnership Office" to bridge the gap between theory and practice and contribute to the building and developing the community through voluntary, humanitarian and charitable activities and works.

Instilling the values of Humanitarian Work

Khaleel Al-Siddieqy thanks the student of Social Work course at Qatar University for their good management of the project and adherence to the regulations and laws that govern and organize the work. This voluntary initiative contributed to instilling the value of humanitarian and charitable work in the hearts of female students participating in organizing the initiative as well as in the hearts of university students in general. Qatar Charity has been keen to support universities, schools and companies participating in the campaign launched for workers. It also helps them deliver such donations and contributions to their beneficiaries.

The students of Social Work course made efforts to prepare winter bags with the necessary supplies and then participated in distributing them to the workers.

Winter Campaign


The winter campaign launched by Qatar Charity at the beginning of the season is considered as a part of community contributions that Qatar Charity strives to provide in order to lay the foundations of social solidarity values, as it believes that the preservation of workers' rights and their safety are  important elements of the system of institutional values that works to make a positive difference in the lives of these workers, which will benefit to maintain safety and security in the community as well.

Continuous Efforts

Workers' Assistance Programs are core programs of Qatar Charity, whether they are cleaners, construction and farm workers, guards or others. The donations and contributions are received from companies, hotels and schools to provide support to workers in Qatar throughout the year, not only in winter.

It is worth mentioning that last year Qatar Charity has partnered with Humanitarian and Charitable Organizations, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to provide winter bags to single workers, in addition to providing first aid kit and conducting their medical tests.  

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