Qatar Charity honors partners of its ‘Soqya’

Qatar Charity honors partners of its ‘Soqya’ program

11/1/2018 |

Qatar Charity (QC) has concluded the fourth season of its annual "Soqya" program and honored its partners during a ceremony held on this occasion, in recognition of their efforts in raising awareness on the importance of water and supporting workers within the country.

Ali Al Gareeb, director of Programs and Public Relations Department at Qatar Charity, handed over the shields of appreciation to the partners of the program, and presented the certificates of thanks to those cooperated in this regard and to the participants in the photography workshops organized by the charity as part of “Soqya”.

The list of partners honored by the charity included Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Ezdan Mall, Villaggio Mall, Souk Waqif, Aster Medical Centre, O Type and Qatari Awareness initiatives, Boom Construction, Manateq, and other companies.

The charity also honored those who cooperated with it as part of the program, including Mohammed al Yafie, a professional photographer, Anwar Amin Al-Tairi, Razan Tariq Khawaja, Rind Mohammad Abdul Rahman, Siwar Saad Al-Shayeb and Iman Ahmad al-Qashaibi, in addition to those who participated in Soqya’s photography workshop.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ali Al Greeb, director of Programs and Public Relations Department at Qatar Charity, said the charity has been implementing this program for four years, with the aim of supporting low-income people, especially workers, in recognition of their continuous efforts In the construction of the urban renaissance in the State of Qatar

He also pointed out to the services provided under the program, which included giving cold water and juices to workers in their workplaces and holding health workshops to raise awareness on the importance of drinking an adequate amount of water to maintain the health.

He noted that the charity has organized many awareness lectures and activities for adults and children in the commercial complexes and Souq Waqif, adding that the community has interacted with the program by donating 40,000 water bottles for the workers. He thanked the program's partners and all those who contributed to it or supported it.

At the ceremony, Nadine Al-Bitar, a member of QC’s Social Network, talked about her experience during the relief journey organized by the charity to the poor areas, where she saw the people in dire need for water, as they travel dozens of kilometers to get them, and often they find water unsuitable for drinking. She also stressed the importance of water conservation.

Adel Abdullah, a member of QC’s Social Network spoke on the importance of water and its scarcity in some poor countries as well as on QC’s "555" campaign for Drilling Wells in Needy Countries around the world, and urged the good doers to contribute to it.

The ceremony also included a presentation on all the activities held as part of the program that benefited thousands of workers, children and adults during the year, in addition to the presentation of the photographs taken by the participants in the photography workshops held as part of ‘Soqya’.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the ‘Soqya’ program for the current year 2018 have been implemented over a period of three months with the aim of providing water to workers, serving birds, raising awareness on the environmental and health issues in order to benefit the local community.

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