QFFD, Qatar Charity sign pact for strengthening

QFFD, Qatar Charity sign pact for strengthening health system in Sudan

9/21/2020 | Media Center

QFFD, Qatar Charity sign pact for strengthening health system in Sudan

The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and Qatar Charity (QC) signed a cooperation agreement to implement projects aimed at strengthening health system emergency preparedness in Sudan. The projects, valued at US $ 556,567, is expected to benefit 2,452,800 people in the states of Kassala and the White Nile.

The deal was signed by Deputy Director-General of Development Projects at QFFD Mr. Mesfer bin Nasser Al Shahwani, and Assistant CEO for the International Operations and Partnerships Sector at Qatar Charity Mr. Faisal bin Rashid Al Fahida.

According to the agreement, the capacity of the health workforce, both staff and volunteers, will be built through conducting a series of workshops and training sessions at the federal and state levels. The capacity of the White Nile & Kassala States Public Health lab will be upgraded, in addition to five health facilities labs (HFL) in both states to strengthen diagnostic and epidemiological interventions.

The agreement includes the rehabilitation and equipping of eight isolation centers; five in White Nile state and three in Kassala state. The centers will be furnished and equipped according to the system followed by the Ministry of Public Health in Sudan, in addition to piloting the emergency preparedness plan in 16 localities in both states by strengthening technical platforms, printing IEC materials, and training five rapid response teams.

Besides, 50 health workers will be trained to deal with outbreaks and rapid intervention in epidemic situations based on the MoH training approved protocols and WHO guidelines, in addition to 200 volunteers.

In coordination with the MoH, Qatar Charity will select 166 epidemiological surveillance sites in the needy localities. It will work to furnish and equip 16 sites among, and staff will be trained in each surveillance site in accordance with MoH & WHO protocols & guidelines.

Regarding health promotion, Qatar Charity aims, during the implementation phase, to raise the health awareness of the community to benefit from the provided healthcare services, and hygiene awareness, in addition to controlling infectious diseases.

This agreement comes at a time when Sudan is suffering the unprecedented flooding in a century, which has caused the collapse of more than 100,000 homes and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, in addition to deaths.