Qatar Charity participates in orphan care forum

Qatar Charity participates in orphan care forum

4/8/2021 | Media Center

Qatar Charity participates in orphan care forum

Qatar Charity (QC) participated in the third training forum for orphan care leaders, experts and organizations, which was held remotely under the title ‘Advanced Methodologies in Strengthening Responsible Partnerships to Improve Orphan Care Services". The forum was organized by an organizations services center for orphan care, a member of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility.

The forum aims to train leaders of Arab social organizations, whether governmental, private or civil, on best practices in the fields of orphan care services and programs, and coordination between orphan care organizations in Arab countries in the areas of organizational, human and institutional capacity building, in addition to presenting the best Arab and international practices in the field of orphan care to achieve institutional development.

Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi, CEO's assistant for International Operations and Programs Sector at Qatar Charity presented a working paper entitled “Partnership between Arab Orphan Care Institutions and International Organizations: Potentials and Achievements”, in which he reviewed the most important challenges to reach international partnerships and Arab networking, as well as funding opportunities for Arab organizations.

Al-Hammadi said that international development issues should be among the most important priorities of Arab organizations working in the humanitarian, development, and social care fields in particular.

He called on Arab organizations seeking successful international partnerships to make international policies, procedures and standards an integral part of work systems, in addition to including key issues, such as climate change and gender, in their programs, so that can they keep pace with what the world aspires to.

And he underlined the need to find solutions to confront the challenges facing charitable work, in order to reach international partnerships in the field of social welfare. He also pointed out that the funding opportunities for Arab organizations are easier, provided they are present within international frameworks and international standards and follow the policies, procedures and mechanisms that govern work, in order to gain the trust of donors.

Discussing the challenges on the ground, Al-Hammadi also touched on the issues of orphans in complex crises, child labor, alternative families and orphanages, in addition to climate change and gender.

With regard to sponsoring orphans, Al-Hammadi said, "We, in the Arab world, pay great attention to the sponsorship until the end of the age of sponsorship, as the sponsored orphan needs inclusive care, starting from basic biological needs to activities that will achieve well-being and enhance his access to equal opportunities compared to his peers in the target country.

The forum discussed a wide range of issues including establishing orphan care partnerships, the partnership between Arab and international orphan care organizations, effective partnerships between civil orphan care organizations and government and private bodies, methodologies and tools of partnerships, and the challenges of achieving effective partnerships between Arab orphan care organizations.

The forum also discussed the contributions of stakeholders to the success of the partnership efforts and maximizing their returns for orphan care organizations.