Qatar Charity builds schools in Pakistan’s remote

Qatar Charity builds schools in Pakistan’s remote villages

4/29/2024 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC), through its Pakistan office, has constructed a high school with essential facilities to Support Educational Needs in Lau, a remote village in the Jhang district of Punjab. The school building has a capacity of more than 700 students.

This project reflects Qatar Charity's recognition of the importance of quality education in community development, and is part of its ongoing efforts to promote education and development in the most needy regions around the world. It aims to provide an ideal educational environment that contributes to the academic and social success of students.

The school has multiple classrooms and a large multi-purpose hall, in addition to administrative facilities, a cafeteria, and a staff room. The school has been equipped with the necessary furniture to meet the needs of students and teachers.

The project has had a significant positive impact on the local community, leading to a noticeable increase in the enrollment of students and providing a suitable environment for their academic achievement.

The project has been appreciated and praised by local authorities in Pakistan. Mr. Abdullah Khuram Niazi, Deputy Commissioner of the Jhang District expressed his appreciation for the philanthropists in Qatar and Qatar Charity for building the school, and for their unwavering commitment to community development.

Mr. Muhammad Sarwar, the CEO of Education, praised the role of Qatar Charity in supporting the Construction of the School, affirming that this support has been a vital step towards improving the education system and serving the village residents. He also commended its efforts in uplifting communities, noting that these efforts truly deserve significant praise and appreciation.

The students also expressed their delight with the construction of the new school for them. Mr. Saqlain Abbas, a student, said, “My school is a model school not only at my village level but also at the district level. Now I can focus more on education and enjoy playing sports in the school playground.

Mohammad Saad, another student, said, "My family was supposed to stop my education as there was no high school in my village. After completing 8th grade, I felt extremely sad, and I prayed to Allah to enable me and my classmates to continue education. Today I am in high school. I aspire to become a civil engineer."