Qatar Charity Holds Two Camps for Orphans in

Qatar Charity Holds Two Camps for Orphans in Burkina Faso and the Comoros Islands

9/15/2015 |

  • 540 orphans have benefited from the activities of the two camps
  • The most important events of the camps included: lessons from the Holy Qur'an, cultural contests, sports, entertaining activities, and medical examinations

For the benefit of hundreds of its sponsored orphans, Qatar Charity held two educational camps in Burkina Faso and the Comoros Islands. 

Bobo-Dioulasso Camp

Qatar Charity's ten day long camp in Bobo-Dioulasso was the first in Burkina Faso in 2015. It was organized under the slogan “Akhlaqi Ser Najahi” (My Morals are the Reason of My Success) for the benefit of 250 orphans.

Promoting Values

As part of Qatar Charity's activities to spread the spirit of communication and brotherhood among the orphans, this camp was held to educate the orphans according to modern and moderate Islamic teachings. It was also held to train them live a complementary Islamic life by promoting values, altruism, cooperation and forgiveness.

Saved from Getting Lost

The sponsored orphans and the supervising teachers commended Qatar Charity's role in Burkina Faso. They expressed their appreciation for Qatar Charity's help in wiping the tears of so many poor children after the death of their fathers. Qatar Charity has saved so many lives from getting lost, being hungry and going astray.  It has helped them to lead a dignified life and helped in educating them. The beneficiaries also thanked Qatar Charity and its philanthropists.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Nawaiti, Qatar Charity’s Office Director in Burkina Faso, emphasized the relief this project made him feel and how it was part of Qatar Charity's projects and programs that are dedicated to the orphans of Burkina Faso and their education.

The Camp’s Events

Qatar Charity's Social Care Department was responsible for organizing this camp, which included different events such as lectures, lessons from the Holy Qur'an, activities, cultural contests, sports, and entertaining games. The camp revolved around everything fun and beneficial.

Ngazidja (Grande Comore) Island           

Qatar Charity also held a camp for the first time in Ngazidja through its office in the Comoros Islands for the orphans living there. The five day long camp had 200 orphans (10 – 12 years) benefiting; 175 of which were males, 25 were females.

It also included different activities starting with medical examinations for all of the participants, tutorials in the basic subjects (according to the levels of the orphans), memorization of some of the chapters of the Holy Qur'an, cultural activities, sports activities and different contests.

A Day of Entertainment

Because Qatar Charity pays extra attention to the orphans, it also recently organized an entertaining and educational day for the benefit of 250 sponsored orphans before school started in Burkina Faso. Qatar Charity distributed school bags and kids clothes.

Other Projects

Qatar Charity has lately implemented 300 income-generating projects from which the poor and unemployed have benefited in Burkina Faso. The projects ranged from agriculture and animal husbandry to traditional handicrafts.

Qatar Charity’s projects goals reinforce the implementation of small and medium-sized enterprises. They offer the target beneficiaries sustained job opportunities, which are expected to help provide a dignified life for the beneficiaries. These projects included passing the ownership of 100 dairy cattle calves, 150 sewing machines, 40 ploughs with carriages and 7 grain mills to at-risk families in Burkina Faso at a cost of 560,000 QR.  More than 2,000 people have benefited from such projects in the neediest cities, villages and slums in Burkina Faso

Under the existing dire economic conditions, Qatar Charity's projects target youth and women’s associations, female breadwinners, widows and female divorcee breadwinners


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