QC Holds an Event Entitled ‘Palestine: Where I

QC Holds an Event Entitled ‘Palestine: Where I found Islam’

11/8/2015 |

In cooperation with the Department of Women at Youth for Jerusalem Association, Qatari Women, and Abdullah Al Ansari Shrine Complex; QC’s Development center organized an event entitled ‘Palestine: Where I found Islam’ which was attended by Ms.  LaurenBooth. She spoke about the sufferings and needs of the Palestinians, her story about reverting to Islam and Palestine’s role in making that happen.

Different people attended this event such as the wives of a number of Arab and foreign ambassadors, female officials representing their countries’ ambassadors, and other guests of different age and from different cultural backgrounds.

Real Suffering

Lauren Booth, the British Activist, talked to the audience about the tragic situation in Palestine and how because of the Palestinians she found her path to Islam. While being and living with them, as she mentioned, she was introduced to Islam.

In addition, Ms. Booth explained how the sufferings of the Palestinians influenced her life. She decided to do everything she could in order to alleviate their sufferings and offer them a helping hand. “The Palestinian people deserve the best. They are holding on to their cause and are willing to do whatever it takes in its name. They are truly suffering and we have to help them overcome it,” said she.

Jerusalem: Our Main Cause 

Ms. Badriya Al Yaqout, QC’s Director of the Female Department, welcomed the audience, especially Ms. Booth. She expressed her admiration of Ms. Booth’s strong humanitarian motives which led her to Islam.

Ms. Nour Mash’al, Youth for Jerusalem Director of the Female Department, thanked QC and the participants for this solidarity move with Jerusalem. It is the most important cause for the Islamic World.

Ms. Hanadi Hilwani, a Murabita from Jerusalem, spoke to the audience through a recorded speech and thanked all the people standing with the Palestinians in general and with Jerusalem in particular.

During the event, Ms. Mona Abu Rashid and Bushra Khattab were responsible for the first part of entertainment; while the second part was a performance of the dance of Dabka, a traditional Palestinian dance. 

In the conclusion of the event, QC displayed its most important projects which serve Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque. The audience was amazed and commended QC’s projects. They also thanked Abdullah Al Ansari Shrine Complex which has a cooperation agreement with QC to offer its main hall for meetings with intellectuals and scientists an