QC Implements a Relief Project for Syrian Refuges

QC Implements a Relief Project for Syrian Refuges in Greece

4/19/2016 |

  • Al Ka'bi: We thank the donors and philanthropists from Qatar for financing and supporting projects which help protect the Syrian refugees.
  • More than 21,000 people benefited from the food aids which were distributed to the Syrian refugees in Greece


In cooperation with Humanitarian Relief in Britain, QC implemented a relief project for the Syrian refugees in Greece. The project included offering the necessary supplies which are required by the refugees such as food, shelter, clothes, shoes and covers.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees sought shelter on the Greek Islands; however, the government could not take in such huge numbers and provide them with their needs; especially that Greece has been suffering from an economic crisis for a long time. All of those reasons combined together made it necessary and important for QC to implement this project.


Food and Shelter

For 60 days, the food aids included daily distribution of 350 cooked meals to 3 hotels where so many refugees stay. Around 21,000 people benefited from this project which was implemented at around 1,000,000 QR from September until December 2015.

In order to meet the deep need for shelters, QC cooperated with other active humanitarian institutions and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees so as to check the refugees in a number of hotels on Cos Island. Around 1,200 families (i.e. approximately 6,000 people) and 7,000 single people were given rooms at the hotels.


Burying the Drowned Bodies

In cooperation with multiple health institutions, QC buried a number of corpses at a cemetery for Muslims on the island. QC had received a relief plea from some active institutions and an Imam of a mosque there. The plea explained how there were multiple corpses of refugees who died while crossing the sea. Their corpses were kept at the hospital's morgue for a long time because the municipality did not have allocated money for that purpose. As a result, QC buried the 49 corpses.

Furthermore, QC adopted a number of refugees who were detained because their documents were either unclear, or destroyed. QC adopted 7 cases who were later released. It also provided 204 travelling tickets to a number of families who could not afford travelling to Athens.



Mr. Mohammed Rashid Al Ka'bi, Director of Relief Management at QC, thanked the philanthropists and donors from Qatar for financing such projects which help protect the Syrian refugees in Europe from sleeping in the open or in the streets, a life style that would humiliate them.

Because QC understands its humanitarian role, it ensures that the beneficiaries are truly in need for its assistance. The refugees expressed their gratitude for everything QC offers in cooperation with Humanitarian Relief Foundation. They helped protect the Syrian refugees from cold, rain, wind and humiliation.

The refugees would reach the Greek Islands without any personal luggage, food or clothes, mainly because the boats' owners could refuse extra weight on their boats. Then, they move from the Turkish shores to the Greek ones. They stay there for around 3 to 4 days until their papers and documents are ready for their transportation to Athens, the Capital. They, then, travel to one of the other European countries such as Germany, Austria, or Sweden.


It is worth mentioning that the sum of money QC allocated for the displaced Syrians and refugees reached around 376,000,000 QR. More than 6,831,000 people benefited from the relief projects implemented in Syria and neighboring asylum countries. The fields the projects covered are food, shelter, health and education, 67% of which were implemented inside Syria.