QC Prepares for the Launch of 'One Heart 3'

QC Prepares for the Launch of 'One Heart 3' Program

4/25/2016 | One heart

QC finished filming the third edition of its reality TV show 'One Heart' near the Turkey-Syria borders. Several famous people were in the show such as Dr. Salman Al Ouda and a group of media, dawa and sports stars from Qatar, the Gulf and the Arab World. The show will be displayed during the coming Ramadan 1437 AH.

"One Heart" TV show aims at introducing the humanitarian issues to the public, and attracting support in a spiritual and exciting manner. It will include lots of adventures and surprises. It also presents solutions in a creative way.


Awen Initiative

This year, the program focused on the sufferings of the Syrian refugees, considering their issue the greatest of all disasters around the world. The members visited the refugees' camps near the Turkey-Syria borders in multiple areas of Ghazi, Gaziantep, Antakya, Kilis and others. In cooperation and coordination with the regional partners of QC there, the teams paid multiple visits to QC's projects in Turkey which target this group of people.

The program also sought to show Turkey's huge role, as a country and people, in taking care of and sheltering the Syrian refugees. Turkey offered them relief aids, medications and free education. It also established camps for them. Turkey is considered the country with the biggest number of Syrian refugees; i.e. an average of more than 3,000,000 refugees found across the different Turkish cities and territories.

During the show, Dr. Al Ouda and the participants spoke about Awen Initiative for the Empowerment and Development of Syrian Refugees which was recently released by QC. They clarified the different aspects of this initiative; especially relating to improving charity work and moving it from relief aids stage to become sustainable development. It aims at improving the Syrians' capabilities and training them so as to work and become financially independent. This way, a healthy society would be built, clear of any social diseases which had broken many societies apart.

The activities which showed the great efforts of the participating teams were related to displaying the success stories of the Syrian refugees in Turkey. Some of them became merchants, others became employees; some others worked in agriculture, raising cattle and other arts and crafts.


The Three Teams

In addition to Sheikh Salman Ouda, the number of participants reached around 15 figures divided into 3 teams. The first is: 'Al Karama (White) Team' and consists of Uqeil Jinahi, a Journalist; Firas AlKhatib, International Football Player; Mohammed Abbas, Munshid; Mohammed Al Barak, Quran Reciter; and Siwar Al Thahab, Sports Commentator.

The second team is 'Al Nakhwa (Green) Team': Sheikh Khaled Abu Mooza, a Journalist, Preacher and a Businessman; Yehya Hawa, a Munshid; Ali Al Ghatayen, a Poet; Nasser Al Weiber, a Poet; and Mohammed Sa'don Al Kuwairi, QC's Ambassador and a Journalist.

The third team is 'Al Himma (Blue) Team': Nasser Al Khalifi, a Journalist; Ibrahim Al Naqib, a Munshid; Sabbah Al Kuwairi, a Journalist; Nayef Al Sharhan, a Munshid; and Adel Lami, an International Football Player.


The Earlier Seasons

"One Heart 3" is distinguished with the variety of activities it presents. The 3 teams met with orphans, people with disabilities, widows, elderly and tens of other humanitarian cases. They were interested in educational, health, shelter, economic empowerment, social care and income-generating projects implemented specially for the refugees. 

Through the show, invitations will be sent for participation and donations through QC's channels such as its hotline, text messages, websites and QC's bank account which will be later on announced (after receiving the necessary licenses).

The second season of One Heart was filmed in Sudan; while the first was filmed in Socotra the year before that.