Qatar Charity provides clean water for Taiz

Qatar Charity provides clean water for Taiz residents

5/11/2017 |

The stop of well pumps due to the lack of diesel encouraged QC in cooperation with Sobol Charity to provide clean water for people in Taiz.

This project provides 104 barrels of diesel per month to ensure the operation of the pumps of 8 major wells in the province, which will provide water for more than 300,000 people living in difficult conditions because of the imposed suffocating siege.

Mr. Al- Ka’bi said that QC implemented this project in Taiz aiming at reducing the diseases, displacement of people, and protecting people from the dangers of indiscriminate shelling during their journey to search for water in places far from their homes. He indicated that QC has implemented many other projects in Yemen regarding water and sanitation. Al-Ka’bi thanked the philanthropist of Qatar for donating to help in the reoperation of 8 wells in Taiz by providing the diesel.  

Ongoing Efforts

At a cost of QR 60,000, QC previously cooperated with Al-Dawa Islamic Organization to renovate, rehabilitate, and furnish 6 schools in Marib in order to be able to continue their educational mission.

These 6 schools are Al-Mutawakil, Al-Durra, Al-Faruq, Jafra, Sahari and Humaidah in Majzr, El- Wadi, and El-Medina directorates.

Urgent Relief

QC has recently implemented “Emergency Relief” project, where it distributed 2,500 food baskets to contribute to relieving famine in the targeted area, whose population suffers from poverty, rising food prices by which fostering a spirit of social solidarity and securing food needs for beneficiaries.