QA funds project for Syrians in Lebanon within

QA funds project for Syrians in Lebanon within QC’s “Arsal Relief” campagin

2/4/2019 |

Qatar Charity, with the support from Qatar Airways, implemented a new relief project to provide the necessary winter supplies for more than 400 families of orphans living in Syrian refugee camps of Arsal to help them cope with cold and snowstorms.

The implementation of the project came as part of the continued efforts that Qatar Charity makes to enhance the living conditions of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon within the framework of its “Arsal Relief” campaign.

The assistance included the food aid and heating requirements, in addition to the distribution of toys to children.

The project aims at alleviating the suffering of the Syrian refugees, helping them survive the cold winter, improving their living conditions, lessening their economic crisis and mitigating the adverse effects resulted due to the harsh snowstorms.

Mohamed Rashid Al Kaabi, Assistant to the CEO in the Communication and Resource Development Sector at Qatar Charity, thanked Qatar Airways for its response to the “Arsal Relief” campaign  by providing aid to the affected Syrian refugees in Lebanon, who are in dire need of support and assistance in view of the problematic situation in which they live.

He also appreciated Qatar Airways' continuous cooperation with Qatar Charity in implementing its development and relief programmes locally and internationally.

Salam Shawa, senior vice president, Marketing, Communications and Media at Qatar Airways, expressed her pleasure at cooperation with Qatar Charity to help needy Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other countries.

She also said, "This humanitarian initiative comes in cooperation with Qatar Charity as part of our sense of the suffering of the needy and the less fortunate Syrian refugee families in Lebanon and in other countries of the Middle East."

"Qatar Airways works hard, as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, to draw a smile on the faces of the needy and makes every effort to support them in various humanitarian, sports, health and educational aspects and to alleviate their suffering," Shawa added.

It is worth mention that Syrian refugees in Lebanon were badly affected by the Storm Norma, which has increased their suffering, flooding tents, displacing refugees.

According to a UNHCR report, some 8,000 refugees have been affected by the storm, and 407 tents have been completely destroyed. Moreover, some 70,000 refugees live in 850 informal camps threatened by floods.

Syrian refugees were particularly affected in the town of Arsal in eastern Lebanon, where 70% of the tents were completely destroyed and the camp is experiencing a severe shortage of food and the spread of disease and the humanitarian access remains a problem.


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