Qatar Charity signs agreement with Al Ahli Sports

Qatar Charity signs agreement with Al Ahli Sports Club

3/28/2021 | Media Center

Qatar Charity signs agreement with Al Ahli Sports Club

Qatar Charity (QC) signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with Al Ahli Sports Club to support charitable initiatives and Promote Humanitarian Projects.

This comes as part of the common keenness to strengthen the role of Qatari institutions and bodies in supporting charitable work and utilizing the sports activities for this noble cause.

This agreement is an affirmation of the continuous active role of Al Ahli Sports Club in supporting Qatar Charity's humanitarian projects and campaigns in Qatar over the past years, as well as it is an assertion of the depth of cooperation between the two sides.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Youssef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, and Mr. Abdullah Yousef Al-Mulla, chairperson of Al-Ahli Sports Club.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Youssef Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, expressed his happiness at signing the agreement with Al-Ahli Club, emphasizing the importance of this partnership between sports activities and volunteers.

He said that this agreement comes as part of Qatar Charity's keenness to establish a strategic partnership with national institutions and bodies, promote the principle of social responsibility, develop a culture of voluntary work, and take advantage of all capabilities and potentials to support humanitarian programs and projects.

He also noted that this partnership affirms that the different sections of  society have the capacity to give to alleviate the suffering of the affected all over the world, praising the efforts of sportspersons in supporting Qatar Charity's campaigns and projects. He also looked forward to moving forward in the partnership with Al-Ahli Club

Expressing his delight with the partnership with Qatar Charity, Mr. Abdullah Yusuf Al-Mulla, chairperson of Al-Ahli Club, said that we, at the Al-Ahli Club, are happy that there is a partnership and cooperation agreement with one of the most significant charitable organizations on the regional and continental levels to support its great humanitarian efforts.

Abdullah Al-Mulla added that the Club is very keen to support social responsibility programs, which are a duty for all clubs and institutions, to promote cooperation in society in a way that serves all its sections, noting the instrumental role of sports clubs in society.

Al-Ahli Club president emphasized that cooperation and partnership with Qatar Charity is an additional opportunity to contribute to charitable work and social responsibility at the same time.

Abdullah Al-Mulla extended his thanks and appreciation to Mr. Youssef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, on the renewal of the cooperation agreement with Al-Ahli Club, wishing Qatar Charity success in continuing its charitable and humanitarian programs inside and outside Qatar.

Arif Abdul Rahman Al-Abdullah, General Manager of Al-Ahli Sports Club, praised the agreement signed by the club with Qatar Charity. He said that it is an extension of the Al-Ahli club's presence in society with great effectiveness, as part of the clubs' social responsibility.

Arif Al-Abdullah affirmed that Al-Ahli Club will be keener to continue its role towards society in a manner that serves the terms of the agreement signed with Qatar Charity. He also noted that the Al-Ahli Club was keen to establish the partnership and provide all potentials to Qatar Charity to implement any Humanitarian Programs.