Rofaqa Initiative Launches the New Version of its

Rofaqa Initiative Launches the New Version of its Website ROFAQA.COM

2/1/2016 | تحدى رفقاء

  • Rofaqa Initiative has so far sponsored more than 90,000 orphans.
  • CEO, “We do our best to make the sponsorship of orphans faster and easier, especially that their numbers are increasing and their conditions worsening.”

QC’s Rofaqa Initiative launched the new version of its website (ROFAQA.COM) to give philanthropists around the world the opportunity to donate money and sponsor orphans.

QC used the latest technologies to develop the website that is now compatible with all smart phones, computers, and tablets with responsive web design. This design makes it easy for users to share web content on social media and different electronic channels.

A Comprehensive Library

The new and updated website is a comprehensive informatics library that includes everything related to the Rofaqa Initiative Project that works on sponsoring children and orphans around the world.  In cooperation with QC’s regional partners, the website contains the numbers and statistics of orphans and needy children around the world. It also includes a media library that displays in photos and videos all the news, events, and campaigns of Rofaqa Initiative.

This step is part of QC’s efforts to provide the simplest and easiest steps for donation on the website and to help stay in direct contact with philanthropists in Qatar and around the world.

Facing the Challenge

Mr. Yousef Al-Kuwari, QC’s CEO, said that QC had always supported and inaugurated distinguished initiatives and creative projects in the field of humanitarian work to improve its performance. He stressed that such services would involve the individuals and organizations of the Qatari society in the charity work.

Mr. Al-Kuwari pointed that it was such a rare opportunity to invest the new technologies related to the internet and communications in reinforcing and facilitating the humanitarian work. He also said that QC did its best to facilitate the process of donations for Philanthropists while maintaining a strong and honest performance.

He said that the services available on Rofaqa website were provided to serve the mission of sponsoring orphans by bringing it closer to the good doers. He emphasized, “This category is in utmost need for our help specially that its numbers are constantly increasing, and that the orphans’ countries are greatly suffering.”

At the end, Mr. Al-Kuwari said, “QC’s sponsored orphans have now become more than 90,000 orphans during the previous few months.” He reminded all parents that their fellow-parents passed away, leaving their children behind with the need for good people’s help, asking them not to disappoint their hopes, and not to forget that sponsoring orphans is a road to Al-Jannah.

Deep-rooted Principles

The “Rofaqa Campaign” was inaugurated in December 2013. It is a unique humanitarian initiative that is concerned with orphan children around the world. It sponsors more than 45,000 orphans and aims at providing a level of care for the children that includes the social, educational, health, and psychological aspects. All the orphans who have already been sponsored by the association were added to this campaign, making the total number of orphans sponsored by QC over 90,000 children.

“Rofaqa Initiative” comes from deep-rooted principles and goals. It is concerned with educating and qualifying the largest possible number of orphan children around the world by providing them with the care they need, and raising their awareness. It aims at applying the newest effective methods to plant values and ethics within this category because of the many health, psychological, social, and academic problems they face.


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