Qatar Charity distributes Income- Generating

Qatar Charity distributes Income- Generating Projects in Albania

5/3/2017 |

QC in its best endeavors to help many orphans, disabled, Islamic preachers (Do’at), and poor families in Albania by distributing 26 Income Generating Projects comprises agricultural tools, shops, cattle, apiaries, and a sewing workshop.

QC aims to participate in providing a stable source of income and helping in employment creation for the people of the beneficiary areas that suffer from poor economic conditions enforce their people to immigrate to large cities.

Humanitarian Feelings

Mr. Erion Veliaj, the Mayor of Tirana, praises the efforts of QC to develop the targeted areas in Albania by carrying out many projects that help in reducing the effects of difficult humanitarian conditions. He pointed out that the Albanian people are accustomed to generosity and philanthropy of the people of Qatar due to the development and humanitarian projects of QC, which benefited various regions of Albania.  Mr. Veliaj, expresses the love and appreciation that the Albanian people have towards the people of Qatar who have a good reputation in the country. He continues thanking the people of Qatar who are always rushing to help us in any circumstances which reflects the deep humanitarian feelings enjoyed by the people of Qatar.  

A Sense of Security

The beneficiaries in turn express their gratitude to the people of Qatar, who give them preference over themselves. Qataris haven’t forgotten the Albanians despite the geographical distance. The projects of QC generate a state of psychological stability and a sense of security after the beneficiaries were about to leave their villages and migrate to other cities in search of a job opportunity to earn a living. At the end of the speech, they thank the philanthropist of Qatar, the land of good, and QC for its projects and initiatives that contribute to improving the conditions of the poor and the needy.

Cultivating Hope

For his part, Mr. Shawqi Abu Saif, the Director of QC office in Albania, clarifies that these projects leave a great impact on the residents of the targeted areas and again cultivate their hope. Let alone hope, these projects help in raising the level of development, education, Economic Empowerment, and family stability. He stresses that the doors of the Qatar Charity Office have been and will remain open to those in need and adopt their projects when the Office is assured of their proved fruitfulness.

He also pointed out that the generosity of the people of Qatar, who have benefited many regions of Albania. The money of benefactors from the Qatar has provided a decent living for many Albanians, especially the orphans and widows.

Previous Efforts

It is worth noting that QC recently has launched the second phase of Requirements, Ehtiajat, project in which it distributes the winter requirements to the orphans. They benefited from blankets, winter clothes, school bags and stationery. QC has distributed 1000 blankets to 500 beneficiaries with an average of 2 blankets per person, winter clothes for 200 orphan and other students, and school bags and stationery for 150 orphan. Also, the Qatari Center for Languages and Computer has provided educational services to more than 2,000 students a year, as well as the efforts of the Qatari School in Tirana, which is ranked among the best schools in the capital city, Tirana. The students of the Qatari School always achieve high ranks in the general secondary exam. In addition to the Qatari Center for Training specialized in educational training for teachers in the fields of Marketing, Project Management and other specializations that contribute to the local development of Albania and provide the labor market annually with hundreds of trained cadres.