QC conducts medical check-ups for orphans in Kenya

QC conducts medical check-ups for orphans in Kenya

4/10/2018 |

Qatar Charity (QC) conducted free medical check-ups for 220 orphans in Kenya and implemented an educational program to protect them against the risk of infectious diseases caused by drought in the country.

The diagnostic tests, health advisories, medicines, and treatments have been provided to the Orphans Sponsored by the QC in the capital Nairobi as part of its sponsorship and annual activities plan for orphans in the country, Mohammed Hussein Omar, Director of the QC Office in Kenya said in a statement.

Omar added that tests are aimed at protecting orphans against the communicable diseases or complications of chronic diseases, especially amid the spread of epidemics and diseases suffered by the poor in the society due to the drought.

He pointed out that the diagnostic tests, medical advices, and tips for healthy life have also been provided to the parents of orphans, who praised the QC’s efforts to improve their health, as the health services represent the most significant challenges facing the Kenyan society. They also thanked those, who sponsor orphans through Qatar Charity in the country.  

Omar noted that Kenya is facing an unprecedented drought affecting a large number of the country’s population, which causes many infectious diseases such as cholera and malaria, especially among poor communities. Qatar charity conducted medical check-ups for its orphans to prevent them suffering from such diseases.

Educational Program

The QC Office in Kenya also implemented an educational program for orphans. A group of teachers gave educational classes to them on being kind and dutiful to parents, showing noble behaviors, and dealing with others with good character as well as they explained the teachings of Islam to them during the program, attended by more than 300 orphans.

It is noteworthy that Qatar Charity carries out many charitable projects in Kenya, in addition to relief projects, which benefited more than 10,000 people affected by the drought.

The charity continuously seeks to alleviate the suffering of poor groups in the Kenyan society by implementing several Economic Empowerment Projects, aiming at contributing to the development of the community, as the QC office carried out the most recent project in the town of "Ijara", Garissa County, Kenya, which benefited 50 poor families.