Qatar Charity provides hearing aids for Syrian

Qatar Charity provides hearing aids for Syrian refugees

2/14/2021 | Media Center

Qatar Charity provides hearing aids for Syrian refugees

Qatar Charity (QC) provided hearing aids to Syrian refugees with hearing impairment in Al-Bayli camp, Kilis province, southern Turkey, to enable them to live normally within their community and families.

The cases were assessed, in coordination with the camp administration, and then they were examined. Some 62 patients needed 84 hearing aids. Qatar Charity has fully paid for the hearing aids, in addition to the physical therapy, and the purchase of necessary medicines for some cases.

The hearing aids can connect with smart devices of various kinds, which will help the beneficiary children receive schooling remotely in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides, there is a small device that can be placed near a teacher or on his jacket in case of direct learning at a school, and then this device will connect with the hearing aids that enable the student to hear the teacher's voice clearly.

Beneficiaries of different age groups were delighted with the hearing aids, and they expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the people in Qatar for extending support to them.

“I lost my hearing years ago,” said Mr. Hajj Ahmed, 67, “after having the hearing aids, I regained my hearing and I live a normal life”. He added that he is now able to do the necessary daily tasks without anyone's help.

The mother of Ahmed Al-Abbas, 13, says that her son lost his hearing at the age of 4, and discontinued his study, noting that she is very delighted with the hearing aids that will enable Ahmed to return to the school.

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, has been at the forefront of providing immediate relief to refugees, internally displaced persons and those hit by the conflict. It has implemented numerous health projects, especially in the field of prosthetic fitting, and assisting persons with hearing and visual disabilities.